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3 Star Hotels in Chennai

Aadithya Hotel
Aadithya Hotel is a prime hotel, sited in the close proximity of major business and entertainment centers of the city. Its strategic location makes it convenient for the guests to commute to important places. It offers numerous regular and corporate facilities such as fax, conference facility, broadband, travel desk etc. Due to its high quality of services and amenities, Aadithya Hotel is one of the preferred hotels of frequent travelers visiting Chennai.

Ambica Empire
Ambica Empire is a lavishly built hotel that is located at the center of Chennai city. Within a short span of time, the hotel has a created a remarkable reputation among the frequent travelers coming to the capital city of Tamil Nadu with its exceptional services. The salient features of this hotel include state of the art amenities, impeccable services, tranquil ambience and personal attention by hotel staff. In brief, the Ambica Empire is a perfect residing place in Chennai.

Beverly Hotel
Beverly Hotel is centrally located in the close proximity of the major commercial, shopping and entertainment districts in Chennai. It's a magnificently built hotel that boasts of elegant interiors. Moreover, it is furnished with high class materials and is equipped with latest fixtures. It offers all the modern comforts, yet has retained the warm touch of hospitality. With its excellent facilities, homely atmosphere and exclusive services, Beverly Hotel is an ideal residing option in Chennai.

Breeze Hotel
Breeze Hotel is one of the prominent hotels of Chennai. It is located close to the railway station, business centers and main commercial areas of the city. Its convenient location is one of the salient features, besides excellent business services, personal attention on every guest, fine dining, etc. To put in concise terms, Breeze Hotel is a perfect combination of fine service and refined hospitality, which make it an ideal residing option in Chennai.

Deccan Plaza
Deccan Plaza is a luxurious hotel that enjoys a convenient location in Chennai. Besides its warm hospitality, the hotel boasts of impeccable services and flawless amenities. The hotel strives to fulfill the requirements of the guests in short span of time, maintaining the high quality standards. In short & snappy terms, Deccan Plaza tenders everything that is required for a luxurious and comfortable stay of the travelers.

Grand Orient
Grand Orient is a magnificent hotel that has all the comforts. It offers world class amenities, flawless services and friendly traditional hospitality, which are required to make any vacation a memorable experience. Along with the excellent regular services the hotel offers the best of corporate service such as conference facilities, fax, broadband service and much more. The prime location of hotel Grand Orient is also one of the reasons that most of the tourists prefer to stay in this hotel.

Hotel Dee Cee Manor
Hotel Dee Cee Manor is one of the prominent hotels of Chennai. It is a beautifully built hotel that is backed by stupendous features such as lavish accommodation, fine dining, recreational facilities, etc. The hotel is a perfect combination of modern facilities, impeccable services and gracious traditional hospitality. With all these salient features, Hotel Dee Cee Manor is a nice place to stay and explore the capital city of Chennai.

Hotel New Woodlands
Hotel New Woodlands is one amongst the popular hotels, located close to the business and commercial center, in Chennai. Its strategic location is one of the key features that attract tourists. The hotel provides clean, hygienic accommodation, fine dining, together with superb hospitality. It's renowned for its excellent regular facilities and corporate services, which are unmatchable in hospitality industry. In short, Hotel New Woodlands is an ideal staying option for tourists visiting Chennai.

Hotel Royal Plaza
Hotel Royal Plaza is a famous luxurious hotel that is renowned for its exceptional services, gracious hospitality, and personal attention. It is a perfect residing place for leisure travelers as well as corporate travelers since it offers a wide variety of services. Besides the facilities and services, the hotel offers lavish and cozy accommodation to provide the ultimate comfort to the guests. In brief terms, Hotel Royal Plaza is one of the best hotels in Chennai.

Hotel Shan Royal
Hotel Shan Royal is a renowned hotel, sited close to the major commercial areas and other places of tourists' interest, in Chennai. Its strategic location, in fact, makes it easier for the guests to commute to these places. The hotel is well known for its high quality amenities, flawless services, peaceful and tranquil ambience and perfect hospitality. All these salient features make hotel Shan Royal an ideal staying destination in Chennai.

Hotel Shelter
Hotel Shelter is a pleasing hotel, centrally located in the city. It offers all the best possible services and facilities, which can be required by discerning travelers. Besides the excellent accommodation, the hotel provides all types of recreational and business facilities to ensure a comfortable stay to the travelers. To put in brief terms, Hotel Shelter is a nice hotel to stay at and to explore the city of Chennai.

MGM Beach Resort
MGM Beach Resort is peaceful resort that offers a spectacular view of the sea. It's also close to Mahabalipuram, which is a world famous heritage site. Since the resort is located in a tranquil environment surrounded by the lush green trees, here guests can enjoy the serene environment and beautiful beaches. MGM Beach Resort offers a wide range of services and amenities coupled with warm hospitality, which makes it a preferred staying place of tourists.

Pleasant Days
Pleasant Days is a famous resort located in a tranquil environment on the Chennai-Bangalore Highway. The resort is spread across 25 acres of land, surrounded by the lush green trees. It is an ideal place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate as it provides a lot of recreational facilities. Pleasant Day Resort offers world-class facilities coupled with the fine traditional hospitality, which make it a perfect residing place in Chennai.

Radha Regent
Radha Regent is one of the leading names in the hospitality industry. Since this popular hotel lies in the close proximity of Chennai Trade Center and industrial area, it is frequented by business travelers. Besides its impeccable services, the hotel provides all sorts of facilities and personalized services coupled with warm hospitality. Be it leisure or business, the hotel caters to all the needs of travelers in an efficient manner. In brief Hotel Radha Regent is a nice place to stay and explore the city of Chennai.

The Residency
The Residency is a famous hotel, which has established its name distinctively in the hospitality industry. The hotel is located closely to the shopping and entertainment centers of the city. It offers high standard services, magnificent ambience and fine dining to ensure a pleasurable stay to the travelers. It is also well-suited for business travelers as it provides numerous business oriented services such as conference facility, broadband, fax, etc.

The Vijay Park
The Vijay Park is a nice hotel, sited in the close proximity of shopping centers, government office, financial and commercial centers of Chennai. The hotel is popular as one of the finest hotels of the city. It offers impeccable services, state-of-the-art amenities, best of the accommodation and multiple dining options. All these facilities coupled with the warm traditional hospitality make The Vijay Park a preferred residing option of frequent travelers coming to Chennai.

Vestin Park
Vestin Park is a magnificently built hotel located at the center of the city. It is in the close proximity of main commercial and business center and also close to the railway stations. Its strategic location is one of the salient features that attract the tourists to stay here. The hotel has set and maintained high standards on every aspect, be it facilities, accommodation, dining or any other feature. Thus, Vestin Park makes the preferred choice of the travelers to stay in Chennai.

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